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Eyelash extensions are an exciting and innovative product for thicker, longer and natural looking eyelashes.

Developed in Asia, lash extensions are a professional product made of a soft and naturally curved synthetic material. They are designed to bond to human eyelashes using a specially formulated bonding agent that creates a permanent bond. It dries soft, remains flexible and more importantly causes no damage to the natural eyelash.

Classic eyelash extensions are individual lashes, which are carefully applied to the natural lash. The finished effect is fuller, longer more defined eyelashes.

Russian eyelashes give a more fluffy or denser look depending on what look you are after. More than one eyelash is applied to each natural eyelash which can fill in any sparse areas on the lash line or just give extra volume.

Treatment takes 2-3 hrs.

Infills recommended every 2-3 weeks.