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Non surgical, non invasive lift treatment that is designed to tighten and lift the skin, shrinking excess skin, crows feet, bags and wrinkles . This treatment can be used for eyelid lifting/ tightening, reduction of upper lip wrinkles, lip lifting , jowl lifting, neck tightening, to reduce appearance of stretch marks and scars, benign mole removal, skin tag and milia removal .

During the treatment the machine used produces a high frequency arc when placed close to the skin. The machine never touches the skin but places small dots on the skin which in turn tighten and lift the skin as the skin heals .

Results may be seen from the first treatment but can take up to 3 months to see the overall result. A further treatment may be required depending on the desired result . Results can last 1-3 years.

Benign mole removal £65, Skin tag removal £65, eyelid lift £220, under eyes £220, eyelid and under eye £400, age spots £65, nasolabial folds £199, crows feet £199, upper lip wrinkles £200, lip lift £200, jowl lift £220, forehead wrinkles £199, neck tightening £320, stretch marks £299.